Happy New Year! It is the start of a new school year and as students and teachers make their way back to the fun and the grind of another exciting year, I’ve been thinking of ways I can further help the students in English Language.

Regular English Tuition Classes

I have taken a bit of a hiatus in the past month. After the fabulous PSLE English results my students attained (31% of my students scored A-star for their English paper), I was busy with the December workshops and then a short break before the new year.

All my classes are full except for my new P4 one on Mondays 3.30-5pm. There is one place left. If any of my students in the other classes leave due to unscheduled school activities that clash with my classes, I will put the available place on my blog. If you would like me to put your child on the Wait List for any of my classes, please email me.

Engligh Workshops

The December workshops went extremely well and it was a real pleasure meeting all the new students and parents. While I would have loved to take on all the hardworking students I met during the workshops, I could not, as my classes are all full. I hope to see them all again during the March workshops.

Some feedback below from the parents whose children attended the Dec workshops:

Thank you for the positive feedback. __ also mentioned to me that you gave her a lot of pointers to note. She finds the workshop very helpful.

Thank you for this, Yes _ did find the workshop very useful and has taken in the pointers during the workshop well.
Will encourage her to start writing more to get the flow of it.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will remind him of his grammar. He found that your workshop was enjoyable and beneficial. Thus, he is looking forward to your future workshop to prepare him better for the PSLE.

Thank you for having _ in your class. Up till now, she still talked about the things you went through during the workshop. I think you left quite an impression on her.
Thanks for your feedback.

He enjoyed the workshop and said that he had learnt a lot from the workshop such as how to properly phrase SW and the important pointers for the Compo, hoping he can put into good use in his writing.

I will be posting the dates of the March 2016 workshops by Friday. There will be 2 types of workshops 1) PSLE Oral & Writing 2) Comprehension Open-Ended.
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Have a great start to the year everyone!


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