CA1 & March Holiday Workshops 2018

How time flies! The CA1 is fast approaching and my P5s and P6s have started on our practices for Paper 2.

This will be the first time the P5s will be tested on the Paper 2 components. Components that they have never been tested on before. Some schools may not have CA1 for their P5s while others may test only on certain components. For those who have the full paper, knowing what to expect and getting some practice in can be vital in building up some confidence on the day of the English CA1. If your child has a tutor, then practice on the various new components such as Comprehension Cloze and Synthesis and Transformation, should already be underway. If your child has no tutor, then the Top School set of papers is a great guide for both the parent and child. While the difficulty of the components may vary school by school, the structure of the paper will be the same. A good grammar book such as the Conquer Grammar or Longman Grammar, will help your child review his grammatical structures. Books that have clear Synthesis and Transformation rules like the ones below, can also be very useful leading up to their CA1.

Synthesis and transformation - primary 6 singapore
synthesis and transformation psle book

While obviously, it won’t be the first time the P6s are being tested on their Paper 2, it will be their first examination of their PSLE year.

I would like to believe that this is when the students get more serious in their work. We have started calculating marks for the papers and it always tickles me to overhear them say to one another at break time, “I had better get higher for the next paper!” Its also about now I begin to probe them on what their expectations are for their PSLE English. A-star? High A? A? While I don’t condone over-stressing my P6s, getting them to set some goals can be useful, especially for those who haven’t really understood that the P6 year will go at lightning speed.

As soon as the CA1s are done, I will begin on Oral testing to prepare them for their upcoming SA1.

I will also be holding my Oral and Writing workshops for:

P5 / P6 on the 15th -16th March 9am-12pm

P4 on the 13th-14th March 9am-12pm

The main aim of the workshop is to prepare the students for the Oral component by working on 4 oral themes over the 2 days. We will also work on 2 Compositions using 2 writing techniques as well as 2 Situational Writing pieces (Formal and Informal) for the P5 & P6 workshop.

Do email me for more details if you are interested. There are only 6 places in each workshop so places are on a first come first served basis. Thank you for your understanding.