Primary 1 English tuition

Opening of a new Primary 1 English class

Thinking Factory is excited to announce the opening of our Primary 1 English class in 2021.

Over the years, our focus has been on helping students in the upper primary years achieve their PSLE goals.

However, laying a good foundation and building on it, is essential in all different languages, especially in English Language. Personally, I feel that writing is one of the most lacking components in schools for the Primary 1 and Primary 2 years.

So, we have decided to open a Primary 1 class at Thinking Factory and develop a curriculum that blends the fun components of the English Language, as well as the rigour required for learning a language.

In our Primary 1 class, our goal is to mirror the love of reading with the ability to write a composition with paragraphs. With the use of stories, students will learn how they can develop characters, describe emotions and use techniques to create their very own stories.

At the same time, paper 2 components such as grammatical rules, vocabulary and comprehension will be taught weekly, alongside the writing component.

Just like in every one of our classes, we believe that for learning to be effective, class sizes should remain small. In this way, the teacher can get to know and help every one of her students.

Our Primary 1 and Primary 2 classes will be kept to a maximum of 6 students per class.

We are excited to meet the youngest ones in our growing English centre!