p6 english tuition 2021 registration

In 2 months, I will bid farewell to my current PSLE students. It was not a usual year. For almost 4 months the students went through plenty of disruptions, changes and anxiety. They had to acclimatise to a new way of learning in school and for tuition. Now, they are hard at work, preparing for upcoming examinations, despite the breaks. It has been a lot. So, kudos to the P6s this year for their resilience and determination!

For us at Thinking Factory, it has also been a lot but our main concern was to continue to support our students’ educational journey and keep up with the curriculum we had set for the year despite the Circuit Breaker months. One of my concerns was the oral component because in previous years, face-to-face testing began from April right up to August.

Thankfully, after some planning and testing for oral, we managed to find a formula that worked even online and so far, most of my students are scoring an average of 27 marks for their preliminary oral exams. Yay!

As usual, we begin our PSLE year in October of every year and I am opening up registration for P6 2021 classes as of now. With the uncertainty that lies ahead of us in 2021, I am keen to prepare my PSLE 2021 students early and with more rigor than previous years.

There will only be 4 PSLE classes for 2021, including the existing P5 classes so do register early if you would like a place in our P6 2021 classes.

P6 2021 Timetable (wef October)

DayStart timeEnd timeStatus
Wednesday3.00 pm5.00 pmStarting October 2020
Wednesday5.00 pm7.00 pmStarting October 2020
Saturday9.00 am11.00 amStarting October 2020
Saturday11.00 am1.00 pmStarting October 2020 - Full

In other matters, Thinking Factory has moved! We are now on the 1st floor of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre – #01-36. With the safe distancing measures, I felt that it was important for us to move to a larger unit and one that had a second room where oral could be tested. I also have plans to use that room as a mini library (yes, it has been my dream!!) for my students.

We wish all P6 students all the best in their upcoming Preliminary examinations. Do email us if you would like to know more about our P6 programmes.


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