Primary 6 English tuition: 2020 testimonials

Every year, I ask a few parents of my P6 students to write a testimonial about their child’s experience in my English class. I feel that this is a good way for parents to get feedback from other parents about how my English classes are run.

This year has been an exceptional year, especially for the P6 students. I have always been lucky in having students with great, supportive parents. However, this year I feel that I have been exceptionally fortunate, especially during the Circuit Breaker period. So, thank you to all the parents of my P6 2020 students!

I am publishing a few testimonials here and will publish the rest after the PSLE.

Ms Soh – Mother of P6 English student in the Tuesday class – 2020 attendance via ZOOM

I find Teacher Evelyn intensive oral sessions to be effective and beneficial for my son. He was able to pick up tips on how to improve his oral and his oral marks improved by a lot. I like that she keeps her class size small and she will test the kids individually on different oral topics. She also highlighted to him what areas he did well and what he needed to work on. Subsequently, I decided to sign my boy for the regular classes to prepare him for PSLE revision as she would often ask them to write compositions, situational writing as well as did past year papers from other schools. My son did his entire tuition via Zoom and I found this mode of learning to be suitable and beneficial for him. I’m glad that I made the choice to enrol my son for the Zoom lessons with Teacher Evelyn.

Ms Curran – Mother of P6 English students in the Wednesday class

Ms Evelyn’s class is structured and engaging. She prepares the kids well prior to any major exams and provides useful and constructive feedback. My boys enjoy her class and credit her for their improvement in Oral and Paper 2. Thanks Ms Evelyn!

Ms Lena – Mother of P6 English student in the Saturday class

It has been a great 2 years of rich language experience and exposure for Amelia at Thinking Factory. The English program here has taught Amelia a good writing technique and oral presentation skill. I am very delighted and proud as a parent to see Amelia’s great improvement over the 2 years . 

Ms Evelyn is a very dedicated and hardworking teacher. She will take extra effort to prepare model compositions and compiled Oral topics from different schools to practice in the class with her students .

As a parent, I am heartened to know that my child is in good hands and liking the subject more and thus get even more motivated to excel.

Thank you Thinking Factory and Ms Evelyn !



Mrs Teoh – Mother of P6 English student in the Monday class

Teacher Eve is a very dedicated and thorough teacher. The environment was motivating and in small group. It was very helpful for the kids in making an improvement in English. She is very meticulous in notes and assignments, always there giving encouragement for my son to finish up his assignments. There is not much of social media needed to promote this tuition center. I remembered I was searching a English tuition for my son two years back , I browse through Teacher Eve’s blog and straight away I decided to put my son there. Thank you Teacher Eve for providing such a good place (Thinking Factory) for learning English.

Mrs Wang – Mother of P6 English tuition student – 2020

My daughter Sophia told me she wanted to join Teacher Evelyn’s class right after her first trial lesson because it was so much better than the other tuition she was in at that time. Despite her obvious favour of the lesson, I didn’t expect any instant improvement, knowing that language learning took time and effort. To my surprise, after 2 months’ study in Thinking Factory, she got the award of “Best Improvement in English” in her school with nearly 20 marks increase in her P5 SA2.

Teacher Evelyn is very resourceful and engaging. She has great methods in helping the students to plan and develop their stories in composition writing. After studying with Teacher Evelyn for less than 6 months, my daughter won her first award in anational English writing competition. I credited it to Teacher Evelyn as Sophia joined the class with an average score 26-28 for her compo at school.

Writing is not the only component that Sophia has improved. In fact, her overall score in English has improved tremendously throughout the year she studied in Thinking Factory. Thanks to the teacher’s guidance, Sophia is now confidently aiming at an A* in her PSLE.