PSLE 2017 Results

This post is way overdue. First of all let me say Congratulations to my batch of P6 2017 pupils!! Really proud of them. Everyone did exceedingly well with a record number of A-stars. A few of them were expected..but a few were extremely pleasant surprises. Most importantly, this batch of students was really the most improved! Many were lacking in certain areas..writing or SW or components of paper 2. But by the time preliminary exams came around, many were hitting their goals.

So, how did they achieve that? I joked with my 2018 P6s that it was because they were the quietest students I had ever taught…but obviously I was joking. (The year that I had the second highest number of A-star scorers came from a very humorous, talkative batch)

So, what’s the secret in improving in English Language for the PSLE year? I guess it all boils down to hard work. In 2017 there were a few things that I had changed during my lessons. Along with verbal explanations of how to improve each student’s compositions, I started re-writes especially for students with a number of tenses and structural mistakes in their compositions. I became stricter in SW, getting them to re-write the SW if anyone scored less than 15/15.

I also implemented Vocabulary and Editing lists of words which I had started at the end of 2016 and students had to learn them weekly. (At the same time, I tried my best to stick to my rule of no homework except for the Vocab and Editing words).
Even with all the additional work the students had to do, I never heard a word of complaint. Not even a sigh when I asked someone to re-write a SW that got a score of 14/15. Everyone worked. Learning and re-learning, writing and re-writing 🙂

I heard from many of the parents that most of my students got into the secondary schools that they had wanted..and this is their reward for all their hard work! Bravo to all of them!

And so I have moved on to my 2018 classes. Classes began in October and so far I seem to have students ready and willing to work for their 2018 PSLE : ) Fingers crossed for the year ahead!

I have updated which classes have places left and I’ll put up the P6 Vocabulary and Editing for the CA1 Top School Papers of 2017 in the next blog post.

Have a great week!