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I hope that everyone is enjoying their break from school! My P6s are on their last leg of English revision before the big day on September 28th. Their preliminary results were as I had hoped. Those aiming for A-star were well into the region and it was for the same for those aiming for As.

I had a few pleasant surprises when a few students who had begun with me at a high B were now very close to the A-star range.

I also had some unpleasant surprises when students had written out of point for CW even though they had been performing beyond the 30 range for the year or had missed a point for SW even though it never happened during the year.

In such matters, I always advise my students to remain positive and learn from the mistake.

I am proud of my P6 students this year! Everyone worked hard all year, picking themselves up when they fell and pushing themselves on. Never once did I hear a complaint, even when they had to learn lists of vocabulary or editing spelling or rewrite SW pieces even if they lost 1 mark. They took all my feedback (and criticism) well. No eye rolling, no complaints no talk back.

During my classes in the next 3 weeks, it will be all about revision. Like every year, I try to keep the stress level of students under control. Just revision of all rules from the different English components learnt during the year and practice. I advise all pupils to sleep early and rest well.

I’ll be putting up some P6 composition pieces the next few weeks on different themes so please come back and visit the blog again 🙂

To all students sitting for the PSLE, all the best!


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