SOTA Primary 6 Creative Writing Competition

Congratulations to our P6 English student Kendrick Lai for being one of the top 20 winners in the SOTA creative writing competition 2021!!

We loved how you took the phrase ‘This was clearly NOT a dream..’ and created a unique setting with very interesting characters!

You must be so proud of yourself. We hope that your love of writing will stay on with you and that you continue to create unique worlds and mesmerizing characters.

Congratulations once again Kendrick and thank you for letting us share your story on our blog.

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Prompt 1 :
Write a story with the phrase ‘This was clearly NOT a dream’.

They were hungry. They were thirsty for blood. Their previous siege was a failure. This time, however, they were going to kill until the last one fell.

         Konan took in a deep breath. A day off his usual duties was rare. As the top pilot of the 5th generation defence system, T.I.T.A.N, he was not allowed to slack off duties. Pfft. As if they would attack again. He scoffed. In 2049, just two years before the implementation of T.I.T.A.N defence systems, aliens had attacked. Not the typical aliens you would see in movies of old. They were powerful, with weapons made to annihilate, not kill. The siege would have been successful, with the amount of manned robots they sent to wipe out humanity. That is until a command was made by all the governments in the world, to engage in nuclear warfare with the aliens. The aliens were hit on a cellular level and retreated. After the attack, the world’s top generals and military personnel formed the Defence Council, who in the event of a threat to all humanity, would be able to take command and rally all the armies to mount a successful defence. Every army in the world joined together to form the greatest military might in history, with interests only in the welfare of the world. In an attempt to bring the army to the next level, the World Military, as it was called, took inspiration from the alien army, and thus the T.I.T.A.Ns was born.

          Konan’s watch beeped. His superior’s voice followed. “Report to the Command Room now.” He groaned as he got up and clambered to the room grouchily. At the command room, the commander showed him a hologram. “Radar has detected hostiles coming in fast. We cannot confirm the speed. We need you to lead an attack squad up into the exosphere to scout it out. Avoid contact. If necessary, take down any hostiles detected. I wish you Godspeed and the best of luck.”

          Within fifteen minutes, the squad was ready and mounted their mobile suit T.I.T.A.Ns. They lifted off, only to be met with the horror of their lives. The alien warship was silently approaching the planet’s stratosphere. Konan whispered a silent prayer and wished it was a dream. He shut his eyes and reopened them. Nope. No one would make it out alive. This was clearly NOT a dream.