This year I asked a few of the parents & students (mostly from my P6 group) if they had some time to write me a testimonial.

I was humbled and touched by the kind words and would like to share those testimonials with you.

Being a mother myself I share the concern of many parents when they put their child with a new tutor/teacher. I hope these testimonials will give you an idea of my teaching style 🙂

I have chosen not to reveal the schools from which these students come from unless the parents have done so in their testimonial. Some are from around my area and others travel quite a distance (Thank you!).


“Our younger son joined Evelyn’s class when he was in P5. He has shown remarkable improvement,in all areas but especially in compo and Oral skills. Evelyn has trained the kids intensively for Oral and has prepared them very well with all types of possible Oral scenarios. From her training, our son’s Oral answers have been held up as model answers in school. Through the weekly writing practises, his compo writing has also improved, with better story line and good use of vocab. 
Evelyn is very experienced and dedicated. When she learnt that our son has learning issues and has low confidence, she was sympathetic and we were touched when she assured us that she will encourage him. 
The fact that we live in the East but travel to her class is in the West, is testament to our faith in her teaching.
With our best wishes,   
Jean and Vincent
11 Sept 2018″

Audrey (student)

I joined Ms Evelyn when I was in primary 4. At first, I was very reluctant to go as I thought that going to tuition would not help me. But, ever since I had joined Ms Evelyn’s class, my English had improved greatly! What I improved in the most was in my spelling. With frequent spelling tests, I had lost fewer marks in Editing when completing a practice paper. Now, I have also made many new friends which made my learning experience much more enjoyable.
During my Primary 5 days, it was especially tough for me as I had many new things to learn. Luckily, Ms Evelyn was there for me, and answered whatever questions I had. Also, when I was ill for some days, I could easily arrange a make-up lesson to catch-up with all the things I missed.
As I entered in my last year in my primary school life, I was worried about the quickly advancing Primary School Leaving Examination. However, when Ms Evelyn went through all the tough questions, I could understand the rules of grammar and would rarely make the same mistake again. One thing I liked about the lessons was that whenever we did the past-year examination papers, Ms Evelyn would usually go through the Comprehension Open Ended passage with the entire class to make sure that every student understood the passage and that they could answer the questions correctly. One thing she would always say was to answer in full which was the most helpful tip when doing Comprehension Open Ended as the examiners would deduct marks when we did not answer in full. This tip helped me through my SA1 and my Preliminary examination.
Therefore, I would like to say I really enjoy Ms Evelyn’s class and would be sad to leave after the PSLE. I truly recommend this class to all students.
Audrey Wong


Dear Evelyn
I couldn’t ask for a better teacher! I wish I had known you earlier. Clara has regained her confidence and love for the English language under your guidance.
With your encouragement and experience, Clara has improved in her writing skills and exam techniques. She looks forward to your class as the lessons are interesting and keep her engaged. Throughout this year, you have always been willing to answer any question Clara has during and outside class.  In addition, many thanks for the numerous questions I have regarding grammar rules and reading materials for Clara. It has been a rewarding experience for Clara and I. We will miss you and your classes. Thank you!

Isaac Ang started his English tuition with Teacher Evelyn after his P5 SA2 when he just couldn’t seems to improve in his composition grades that pulled his overall result. Thankfully, I managed to find for him an experienced teacher who knows his weaknesses and focus on it. With the weekly and holiday intensive sessions, I can see his progress not only in his composition writing but in his oral skills and open-ended comprehension as well.
From a mere C- grade in composition, he manages to obtain A- after just 4 months of lessons with Teacher Evelyn. This really builds up his confidence level in writing more creative composition. Isaac also takes up an interest in reading and writing his journal every night which he dragged himself to do so in the past.
Teacher Evelyn is stern and firm but yet encouraging with Isaac. He enjoys going for all her lessons and never miss a single lesson since joining. Thank you for your patience and guidance and your impact on him. Finally, we are so grateful and blessed to find such a nurturing teacher who is always ready to help when needed.
Hope Isaac will gives you a wonderful present when he collects his PSLE results. Thank you and God bless you!

Hi Evelyn,


I am hereby writing to thank you for preparing Mihika for PSLE with dedication, understanding and right tutoring. I remember when I first met you and spoke about her weak areas, you said don’t worry I will work on her. After your first feedback for her I never had to follow up as I knew she was in right hands. I have seen how she has transformed in her English subject from B to A and currently close to A*. You have worked on each of her weak areas and made sure she achieves great results. Mihika seemed satisfied with every single class.
Looking forward to start my son’s tuition with you.  Thanks a lot again.
Kanchan Basu


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