phrases to describe happiness

Phrases to describe happiness and excitement – P3 and P4 Composition

In our P3 class this month, Teacher Suba has been teaching the students how to use phrases to describe emotions in their compositions.

The students were given a list of phrases to describe happiness, excitement, curiosity, sadness and relief. The phrases have proven useful in getting them to expand upon their ideas and lengthening their weekly compositions.

Below is the list of phrases to describe happiness and excitement. I hope that these phrases will be useful for you too 🙂

Describing Happiness

Words & Phrases

  • beamed at
  • festive atmosphere
  • roared its approval
  • laughing and giggling
  • a ready smile
  • a hearty laugh
  • rejoiced
  • skipped with joy
  • rubbed his hands with glee
  • speechless with joy
  • merrymaking
  • ecstatic
  • tears of happiness
  • a row of gleaming teeth
  • rolling in the aisles
  • her sides would split with laughter
  • laughed their heads off
  • grinning like a Cheshire cat
  • grinning from ear to ear
  • on cloud nine
  • high spirits
  • seventh heaven
  • on top of the world
  • hugged himself for joy

Describing Excitement

  • caused a sensation
  • ripples of excitement
  • delirious with excitement
  • a state of feverish anticipation
  • a surge of excitement
  • keyed up
  • cheered boisterously
  • at fever pitch
  • bated breath
  • flushed with excitement
  • sheer thrill of it
  • hullabaloo died down
  • a flurry of excited activity
  • intoxicating thrill
  • felt a shiver of excitement down his spine
  • adrenaline surge
  • a buzz of excitement
  • hair-raising
  • butterflies in our stomachs
  • went wild
  • a ripple of excitement

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