SA1 Results & P3 Oral and Composition components

As the SA1 results start to pour in, I am happy and proud of my students’ performances. Those who have been with me for some time have done well especially for the P3 Oral and Writing Components. Some losing just one or two marks or even getting full marks for their Oral exams.

This is important for me because with the change of syllabus, I would like to know if I am on the right track. There are still things I need to fine tune especially for the P5s as they will be the first batch to do the new PSLE in 2015.

The goal is always to obtain the maximum number of marks in each section of the paper and the focus for my P3 classes this year is on writing and oral.

Bravo to them for working hard and onward now to the second half of the year!


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