P3 / P4 Examples of Stimulus Based Conversations

Situational writing comprises of emails, letters (formal and informal), notices and reports. Limited information is given in graphic form and the students have to use this information in any of the above formats. It seems so easy yet it is not. Students have to make sure that they 1) do not miss out on any of the points given 2) use clear and proper sentences to bring those points out 3) do not make any grammatical mistakes.

If they can do all three, then a perfect score of 15 is very possible. How do they go about it? Practice!

Many schools with their tight curriculum schedules only really launch into Situational Writing intensively on the 2nd half of the P6 year. For strong writers this is enough time for them to perfect their situational writing skills. For those less than perfect writers, regular practice is a good way to improve.

Situational writing compromises normally of

1) Emails (formal/informal – usually informal)
2) Letters (formal/informal) – Formal : e.g. A letter of Commendation/Complaint
3) A Report
4) A Notice

Stimulus Based Conversation

Which gift would you choose for your best friend?

Insert four pictures

I would choose the teddy bear. It is brown and white with big eyes and a smile. It also has a cute bow. I like stuffed toys and my best friend also adores stuffed toys especially teddy bears. She can cuddle it to sleep and it will remind her of me. When I went to her house for her birthday party, I saw many stuffed toys on her bed.

Which one would you want as a gift for yourself?

I would want the smart phone for myself (all my students said the same thing! hahaha) I can download apps and use the apps when I am waiting for my mother to pick me up or when I am in the public transport going to school. It is also useful for calling up my parents and talking to them. I do not have a smart phone now so I hope that I will get it as a gift!

P.S This is also a good way to build on specific vocabulary e.g. stuffed toys/ smart phones.

Example 2

Where do you and your family usually eat together?

Insert 4 pictures

My family and I usually eat at the hawker centre. We go there a few times a week. We like the hawker centre nearby our home because it is clean and we can choose where we want to sit. There are also many varieties of food that we can choose from and sometimes we share the different dishes. My father and I like chicken rice while my mother enjoys the Western food. We also often eat at home. My mother is a great cook and we all enjoy her delicious dishes. The food is also healthier and my mother prepares it with love.


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