P3 Stimulus Based Conversation on Food

An example of a P3/P4 Stimulus Based Conversation – Oral

Theme: Food/Healthy Eating

An example of a P3/P4 Stimulus Based Conversation - Oral

Which of these types of food do you like the most?


I like the burgers and French fries the most! I love biting into the juicy burgers and munching on the crispy French fries. It is my favourite treat! I am not a big fan of vegetables and we eat rice with a few dishes almost every night for dinner.


However, I know that consuming burgers and French fries everyday is not healthy. My parents have warned me about the dangers of eating too much unhealthy food and to always maintain a balanced diet. Having fast food once in a blue moon is fine for a special treat. I make sure that I eat lots of vegetables even though I do not always like the taste. I enjoy the taste of carrots and peas and my mother cooks them in fried rice. I also have an apple a day. As the saying goes ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’


My teacher has explained to us the importance of having a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein andfruit and vegetables in our daily meals. Every dinner, my mother will cook a sumptuous dish of meat or fish and a dish of vegetables. We will eat those with rice. She is a very good cook!

It is important to have a balanced diet because we need vitamins and nutrients to grow and fight against viruses. We can also become obeseif we eat too much unhealthy food and forget to exercise regularly. If we eat too much of sugary food, we may develop diseases like diabetes when we get older.

A balanced diet is very important!

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