Planning of a Composition (P3 & P4)

Write a story based on accident

Pictures Given:
An old woman lying on the road/a speeding car/a child on the mobile phone



  • Sun streamed down mercilessly
  • Trudging home from school, with heavy school bag
  • Along the way I greeted my elderly neighbor Mrs Tan
  • (Character Development)– Mrs Tan was neighbor who lived alone. She had no family. Always kind to me. Gave me cookies when she baked them
  • Suddenly I heard the screech of a car and a loud thud


  • Spun around
  • Mrs Tan was lying in the middle of the road, motionless
  • Red sports car sped off without stopping
  • At first I stood stock still, my heart beating wildly.
  • I felt terrified
  • I had never seen an accident before


  • I sprang into action
  • I took down the license plate number
  • I took out my mobile phone and called the ambulance and my mother at home
  • Crowd surrounded Mrs Tan by now
  • Ran to her and held her hand
  • A deep gash on her head and there was a pool of blood
  • She was crying
  • Within minutes the ambulance and police arrived
  • Paramedics put her on a stretcher and took her to the hospital
  • I gave the police my statement
  • My mother and I accompanied her in the ambulance


  • The doctor said Mrs Tan suffered head injuries
  • She stayed in hospital for a month
  • When she returned home, my mother and I took care of Mrs Tan
  • She thanked me for being a good neighbour

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