Primary 4 English Composition / Oral / New Format Paper 2

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of the school holidays and taking time out to visit the library or bookstores : )

I have written very little on the Primary 4 level this past year, so I thought now is a good time to bring up a few points. Half the year has gone by and most of the P4 students have begun to move on to more challenging components in the Paper 2. By the time they get to the SA2, they will probably be tested on Cloze passages (without helping words), Synthesis and Transformation, and some form of Editing. The Comprehension passage will probably be more challenging and the questions less direct. However, the number of questions for each component will remain the same- small in number. Cloze passage may contain just 5 blanks, Comprehension questions, just 5.

This will all change by the time your child begins Primary 5, of course. The number of questions will increase and the content much more challenging. I cannot keep count the number of P5 parents who have told me that they are shocked at how their child has gone from an 89 grade in P4 to a 60 plus in P5.

This is a good time to start working with your on the following components – (1) Cloze passages (2) Synthesis (3) Editing (4) Comprehension & Visual Texts

Making sure that they are doing well in Composition is also important. Ironing out the grammatical errors – especially in tenses and punctuation is essential at this stage and then making sure that they are able to create story lines from the pictures in the new format. A grade of 15/20 (depending on the school) upward is a good indication that your child is doing fine.

Oral Component is another change in the new English format With just two parts to this component (Reading & Conversation) its is harder to score than with the old format. Children should be trained properly and only losing just 2 to 3 marks out of the total in P4. This will ensure that they will adapt better in P5 when the marks increase to 30.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays & do not forget to catch up on your reading!


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