English Oral model Pet Shop - Primary 4

English Oral model Pet Shop – Primary 4

This week marks the start of the SA1 Oral component for a number of my students. One of my P4 students had this theme for his SA1 oral. Luckily we had done it before so I am keeping my fingers crossed for him. The picture and questions below are not the same as what was asked (he can’t remember the questions) but it was based on the theme of a Pet Shop.

I hope that it provides some practice for the P4 students out there 🙂


Which animal would you pick for a pet and why?


I would pick the puppy!


I am an animal lover and if I could pick all the animals, I certainly would! Unfortunately, my mother doesn’t allow me to have any pets yet as I am too young. She said that I can have a pet when I am older and more responsible.


I especially love dogs. I think that they are great animals to play with.

Personal Example: 

My cousin has a golden retriever called Pepper and twice a month we go over to their house for dinner. I love playing fetch with Pepper. She’ll jump on me when she sees me and we will roll on the floor together. I just love her!


Both my parents work and my sister is always staying back in school for her CCA. I think having a pet like a dog can make me feel less lonely at home. So even though the puppy is the most expensive animal at the pet shop, I would still buy it.

Would you attend the free workshop?


Yes, I would attend it.


I think it is important to know how to care for our pets. We should know the right diet to feed our pet and how to care for it well.

Personal Example:

My cousin takes her dog for a walk twice a day. It is  a lot of work but she says that it is important that her dog goes out of the house daily. She told me that it is also important to know the right way to care for pets. Pets are not humans and so they should not eat the same food as us. If we keep feeding them the wrong types of food they can fall ill and die.


I want my dog to be happy and healthy so I will attend the workshop. I also think that it is very responsible of the pet shop to hold a workshop so that new pet owners can be educated on how they can be good pet owners. Also, they are not charging for the workshop which I think is great!

What makes a good pet owner?


I think a pet owner must be willing to sacrifice their time to take care of a pet.

Personal Example:

When my sister and I told mother that we wanted a dog, she asked us to think carefully and write down how we were going to care for the dog and how many hours a day we were willing to give up to be good pet owners. My sister and I decided that we would take turns to walk our dog when we get home from school. If I have an activity in school, she will do the job. We will feed our dog and groom it at home. If the dog food finishes, we will remind our parents to go to the pet store. Most importantly, no matter how busy I will be in the future, I will always play with my dog and pat it and tell it how much I love it.I think that many people buy or adopt animals without realising what a great responsibility being a pet owner is! I hope that I will be a good pet owner one day.

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