P4 English Oral model - Saving

P4 English Oral model – Saving

It has been a whirlwind two months…setting up my new centre at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, preparing my P6s towards the upcoming PSLE and preparing for my new batch of students coming in in October! Tiring but exciting!

We have been working diligently on the Oral component as the Oral examination nears for many P4 and P5 students.

I will post one on the theme of Savings for the P4 students out there and the topic of Recycling for the P5s. Both of these themes seem to be ‘hot’ topics for this year. I usually grade the students according to their Reasons – Personal Examples – Opinions given to the questions asked.

Good luck to all the P3s, P4s and P5s for their upcoming Oral examination!

Do you save your money?

Yes, I do save my money.


My parents always remind me and my sister to save our money for future use or for a rainy day. Mum says that if we don’t develop the habit of saving money as children, we won’t do it as adults and that could get us into trouble. We never know when we need the savings for an emergency in the future.

Personal Example:

When I was 9 years old, my mother sat me down and explained to me how much I should spend every week and how much I should save. She also explained why I should save the hong baos that I receive during Chinese New Year and the birthday money that I get form my aunts and uncles. She even bought me a cute pink piggy bank as a gift.


I, myself, think that saving is important. If we use all our money to buy frivolous things, we will simple waste our parents’ money.

Personal Example:

I have a friend in school who comes from a rich family. Almost every week she has a new pencil case or stationery. She doesn’t really appreciate what she has and leaves her things all over the place. Once, my teacher reminded her to be more careful of her belongings but she answered that she could simply buy whatever she misplaces!


I think that we should appreciate what we have, even if we can afford to buy new things. My mother always reminds us to be grateful for our things as many children in the world don’t even have enough food to eat. So, yes I do save my money and I think that it is important to do so.

What do you spend your savings on?

I usually spend my savings on things that I really want.

Personal Example:

I enjoy reading so I will save up my money to buy the books that I cannot find in the library or that I am collecting. I go to the public library bi-weekly but sometimes I can’t find the book that I have been dying to read. So, after receiving my mum’s permission, I will go to a bookstore and use my savings to buy the book.

Personal Example:

I will also use my savings to buy gifts for my family. My sister and I will put our money in together to choose gifts for my parents’ birthdays or on Christmas day. Other than those things, I do not spend my savings. If I want something else like stationery, I will ask my mother to buy them and if she says no, then I will just use the ones I have.


I don’t believe that we need to have new things all the time. We should be mindful of how we spend our savings.

Do you think that children should donate some of their savings to charity?

Yes, I do!

Personal Examples:

My parents do this every year at Christmas time and Chinese New Year. I don’t have a lot of savings to donate so my mother will help me think up of ways to contribute. One year, I sold all the books that I had outgrown and I gave all the money that I had earned to the SPCA as I love animals. Another year, my best friend and I baked cupcakes and sold them to our neighbours and we donated that money to the poor.


It wasn’t a lot of money but my parents were proud of me. They said that by donating to the less fortunate I learn to share what I have with others who need it more than me. I think that all children should find some way to donate to the less fortunate.

I don’t believe that we need to have new things all the time. We should be mindful of how we spend our savings.

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