phrases to create happiness

Upper Primary Compositions:
Creating Happiness + Model Composition

In my previous post, I talked about how students tend to find creating suspense easier than creating happiness. They can’t seem to find the right phrases or words or know how to create a happy atmosphere. In my classes, I try to fix one or two compositions with a happy theme per month. ‘Fix’ meaning during planning, I do not allow them to change their story into one of tragedy or suspense!

This is the only way to get them comfortable and have sufficient practice in writing happy stories.

The composition below is written by my P6 student Clarice. She joined me in P5. She has always been a good writer, with just a few grammatical mistakes in her stories and a good imagination. Over the years, she has become a stellar writer, especially in the way she develops her characters and details in her plots. Even I am amazed at how much she can write in 50 minutes!

Please take note of how she has added a twist in the story below while retaining the fun, happy atmosphere in her story. She also uses humour well.

Theme: A surprise party

Pictures: Streamers, a birthday cake, presents

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