Primary 5/6 & PSLE 2012

It has been awhile since my last post. Now that the PSLE is over and I’ve bade adieu to my 3rd batch of P6 students, I finally have some time to write a post. The PSLE English went smoothly for my students. They called me after their exams and said that the paper was far easier than what we do together. They were also excited because the Continuous Writing choice for composition (noise in the library) was one that they were familiar with. We had written it together during lesson!!! (Lucky!!!)

Unfortunately, in the Singapore education system, especially in the later part of the Primary school years, practice is the key! I tend to do a lot of that with my P5 and P6 students during my lessons…though its far more intensive with the P6 groups. The Primary 5 year is when the foundations for the different PSLE components are laid down – Synthesis, SPG, Cloze and answering Comprehension Cloze. Compositions are written every week as well, though much planning and structure is done together.

By the time they reach Term 3 of the school year, my Primary 5s should already know how each component works and which areas they need to work on more. Grades should be in the ‘A’ region of 75 and above. Compositions should be around 30/40.

This is to facilitate the intensive practice come the P6 year.

For this to happen, theses students must begin with me at the start of the Primary 5 year. There is a big ‘jump’ from P4 to P5 and many components that can be confounding for the students. The first term is ensure that the students are properly introduced to these components, with the correct rules to follow. In my next blog post, I’ll give suggestions on how as a parent, you can start training your child for P5.


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