PSLE and P5 SA2 2016

It has been some time again since I posted but it has been busy, busy two months with the PSLE and SA2s. After the PSLE Oral, I was pleased to find out from my students that we had actually worked on the topic the Saturday before the examination. Then, for the PSLE Writing, the topic of A Secret came out, also much to the pleasure of my students. We had worked on this topic a few months before. It was one of the topics on the List of SA1 Composition topics I had compiled from my students. The pictures weren’t identical but close enough for my students to feel confident after the examination. Will they all do exceptionally well? I don’t know. I hope so but I’m glad that they felt confident and prepared after the English papers!

After the PSLE, it was a month of intensive revision for my P6 2017. A couple of my classes seem to struggle with the Paper 2 components, even with weekly practice. As such, I organised a 4h lesson for each class during the PSLE marking days. I focused on Comprehension Open-ended, mainly on Inferential questions, Sequencing and Organisation and Cause and Effect.

I also drilled them in grammar structures – Conditional Tenses and Subject Verb Agreement, Synthesis & Transformation and Cloze Passages. So far, as the results start coming in, I am encouraged to see an improvement in my students’ English Paper 2.

So what do you do when a child doesn’t show improvement or the marks decrease gradually? The end of the year before the start of the P6 year, is the time to take stock. What has been going on that needs to be reworked? Is a child more suitable for 1-1 lessons and isn’t reaping the benefits in a group lesson?

Are there any components in the paper that your child is weak in and needs to have much more practice than what is being given during the usual tuition lessons?

I have complied new lists of SA2 Oral & Compositions, courtesy of my P6 2017 students and I’ll post them soon. The list is incomplete as some of them forgot the pictures but it should be a good start for everyone to do some practice during the December holidays.

As the year starts to wind down, I will have more time to post some more examples of Compositions and Orals.

Have a good break everyone!

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