p5 ca1 vocabulary list 2016


1) to brood –to think for a long time about things that make you sad worried, or angry
2) to tread – to move or proceed on
3) to thrash – to swing, beat, or strike in the manner of rapidly moving
4) hold his tongue – remain silent
5) bite his head off – to speak sharply and with great anger
6) to set off – to start on a trip OR to set in motion
7) to dart – sudden, quick movements
8) to amble – to walk in a slow relaxed manner

Rosyth CA1

1) hit below the belt – to unfairly say or do something that hurts someone
2) jumped the gun – to act before the correct time
3) unanimous – fully in agreement
4) conclusive – proving that something is true or ending any doubt
5) bystanders – a person who is standing near and watching something that is happening but is not taking part in it
6) insure – to protect yourself against risk by regularly paying a special company that will provide a fixed amount of money if you are killed or injured or if your home or possessions are damaged, destroyed, or stolen

Pei Hwa CA1

1) dejected – unhappy, disappointed, without hope
2) awed -a feeling of great respect sometimes mixed with fear or surprise
3) conceal – hide
4) veil – something that prevents you from knowing what is happening
5) ponder – to think carefully about something, especially for a noticeable length of time
6) falter – to lose strength or purpose and stop, or almost stop
7) impetuous – likely to do something suddenly, without considering the results of your actions
8) absolute – very great or to the largest degree possible

ACS Junior CA1

1) cold feet – to suddenly become too frightened to do something you had planned to do, especially something important
2) something afoot – a plan or a scheme that is already happening or underway
3) crackling – short, dry, sharp sounds made by something
4) whoosh – a soft sound made by something moving fast through the air or like that made when air is pushed out of something


1) undoubtedly – very likely, almost certain
2) probe to try to discover information that other people do not want you to know, by asking questions carefully and not directly
3) imminent – coming or likely to happen very soon
4) awaiting – wait for an event
5) prospective – relating to or effective in the future
6) laborious – needing a lot of time and effort
7) rigid – not to be able to change or be persuaded (person)

Nan Hua CA1

1) diplomacy – the management of relationships between countries
2) proficiency – great skill, ability, and experience
3) tie the knot – to get married
4) bury the hatchet – to make peace
5) ardent – showing strong feelings
6) allotted- to give something, especially a share of something available, for a particluar purpose
7) stipulated – to say exactly how something must be or must be done
8) calls a spade a spade – speak frankly and bluntly

Red Swastika CA1

1) legitimate – allowed by law
2) legendary – very famous and admired or spoken about
3) opponent – a person who disagrees with something and speaks against it or tries to change it
4) foe – an enemy
5) baffled – confused
6) enamoured – liking something a lot

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