P6 Commonly Misspelled Words

As the dates of the Prelims and PSLE loom closer, I am re-posting the list of Commonly Misspelled Words here.

Some children are great at spelling! Others..not so good. Here is a list of commonly misspelled words. Spelling is highly important when a child reaches Primary 5.

This is because components such as Editing and Comprehension Cloze rely heavily on how well a student is able to spell a word. For example, the student may know the answer in the cloze but unfortunately spells it wrong. This is considered as completely wrong and the full mark subtracted off (yes, there is no such thing as a sympathy mark).

The same for Composition. A student may have good ideas and is descriptive in her writing. However, if the compo is peppered with spelling mistakes, a lot of marks will be subtracted off from Language.

Of course, now the new format Paper 2, the Spelling & Editing section is out of 12 marks instead of 10. It is tricky enough for a student to identify if the underlined word is a spelling or grammatical error. Better to be armed with a list of words that comes out often in this section.

Thus, I have compiled a list of commonly misspelled words. This list is of course, incomplete. Every time your child makes an error in spelling, add on the word to the list and memorize it.

Test your children before the Prelims. For Primary 5 students, learn all the 60 odd words by heart now and for the P6 students make sure that they are firmly committed to your memory! These words may seem easy when you scan through them but believe me even my A* & GEP students make mistakes in this area.

This has been given to all my regular students. For other parents, I am unsure if you are able to copy and paste these words from my blog.

P6 Commonly Misspelled Words

1) athlete
2) athletics
3) aggressive
4) authorize
5) accumulate
6) ascend
7) amateur
8) ageing
9) acquaintance
10) conscience
11) convenient
12) conscious
13) unconscious
14) cigarette
15) diarrhoea
16) dissatisfied
17) disastrous
18) dining
19) desperate
20) dilemma
21) excitement
22) embarrass
23) especially
24) environment
25) exaggerate
26) exhilarate
27) enclosure
28) familiar
29) foreigner
30) government
31) horrified
32) interview
33) inevitable
34) irresistible
35) maintenance
36) manoeuvre
37) noticeable
38) nausea
39) opponents
40) occasion
41) occurrence
42) panicked
43) perseverance
44) pronunciation
45) pastime
46) paralyze
47) possession
48) profession
49) perspiration
50) receive
51) schedule
52) separate
53) sympathise
54) sincerely
55) scene
56) sufficient
57) severely
58) unanimous
59) victorious
60) villain
61) whether
62) wrinkly

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