Primary 5 english Oral Tips

Points to remember:


(1) Be expressive when reading
(2) Narration and dialogue: show the difference between narration of text and dialogue in the text. Be even more expressive in dialogue
(3) Clear pronunciation of words ending with ‘d’ or ‘t’ and beginning with ‘th’.
(4) Be confident even if you stumble over a word and not sure of one.

Stimulus Based Conversation

1) Choice


Which of these recipes would you like to try making?
Would you attend this event?
Which of these would you buy for yourself?

  • Select one or answer yes/no and WHY during the 5 minutes preparation time given to you
  • Read ALL the information in the Picture
  • Use the necessary information to answer WHY
  • Be organized in your answers
  • Give personal opinions and experiences if possible

2) Recount


Have you ever participated in a concert?
Have you ever taken part in a performance?
How often do you visit the library?

Talk about a personal experience

  • Like all good recounts, even in compositions, talk about When/Where/Why the event was held
  • Why did you decide to participate
  • What did you do to prepare
  • Was there any difficulties involved
  • How it ended

If it is something you do regularly – visiting the library/exercising

  • Talk about when/where/how often do you do it
  • Do you go with family/friends
  • What do you do there
  • The benefits of such activity

3) Personal Opinion


What have you learnt from this experience?/ How can you make the event/library better?
Which event/contest would you like to participate in the future?

  • Talk about your dreams and ambition
  • Use adjectives or descriptive phrases to describe things – e.g. resilience, determination, co-operation, team work, overcoming stage fright, shyness


  • Listen to all questions carefully
  • Be careful of your grammar – past, present & future
  • Use complex vocabulary, adjectives, idioms
  • Do not use of singlish
  • Maintain eye contact after first question (where information is on picture)
  • Be confident & don’t fidget about
  • Smile and add in humor

Good Luck!

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Primary 5 English tuition class schedule

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