Subject-verb-agreement common grammar mistake

Common subject-verb-agreement mistakes made by upper Primary students – ‘all of’ & ‘some of’

Have you been using ‘all of’ and ‘some of’ correctly? Do you get confused about which is the subject when you see ‘all of’ and ‘some of’ in the Grammar MCQ section of Paper 2?

If you do, here is the correct way to use ‘all of’ and ‘some of’

When students see the word all or some, they immediately assume that the verb that follows will be in plural form


All of the cutlery are clean.

Unfortunately, this is incorrect.

Grammar Rule

They should not be looking at ‘all of’. Instead they should focus on the noun that comes after ‘all of’.

Here, the noun is cutlery. Cutlery is considered singular. Thus,

All of the cutlery is clean

If the noun is plural, then the verb should also be in the plural form.

All of the horses are brown

Here, the noun is horses and horses are considered plural.

The same rule applies for ‘some of’


Some of the cutlery is clean.

Some of the horses are brown

So, when you come across questions like this one in your grammar MCQ, remember to identify the correct subject and make sure that your verb agrees with your subject.

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