List of SA2 Oral Topics – P5 2016

Henry Park

Picture 1:
IT Gadget Fair

1) Would you attend this event?
2) What would you buy for your family members at the fair?
3) Which lesson do you enjoy using IT the most?

Picture 2:
Sport Day

1) Would you like to take part in this event? Why?
2) Do you think that family bonding is important? Why?
3) Which event would you take part in with your parents?


Anti-glare Lamp

1) Would you buy the lamp?
2) How do you keep healthy?
3) Are you influence by your friends and family in what you eat and how you exercise?

Catholic High

Bakery Store with healthy cookies

1)  Would you buy this healthy cookies?
2) How do you keep healthy?
3) Do you know of someone who has food allergies?

Radin Mas & St Nicholas

Vitamin C gummies with a promotion

1) Would you buy these gummies
2) What types of vitamins do you usually take?
3) Do you attend to your daily activities when you are sick?

1) Would you like to buy these Vitamin C gummies and how would the promotion help you?
2) Tell me about a time you were sick and what cheers you up?
3) Do you think that eating healthy is important?