A number of parents have asked me what I plan to do during the Paper 2 workshop. From experience, I feel that it is more useful to work on a few components during the 2 days than do all the components in Paper 2.

1. Synthesis & Transformation

We will review the rules of certain common S&T : Indirect Speech, In spite/Despite, passive etc

2. Comprehension Cloze

Students will be taught on how to spot for Contextual Clues in the passages

3. Comprehension OE

With the new format, there are certain structures that students need to be proficient in for the Comprehension Open-ended.

Thus, students will be taught:

(A) Sequencing Information from the passage
(B) Order of importance
(C) Compare and Contrast
(D) Cause and Effect
(E) Making Inference

Whatever exercises done will be guided and based on the techniques learnt for each of the 3 components.

Date of Workshop: 26th & 27th November
Time: 9am-12pm

Categories: P5P6