Primary 5 Composition – Cooking

This is another Composition that we did in class this month. It is taken from the P6 Casco How ToScore book.

It was a theme that could be difficult for some students to write on, especially when the pictures come into play. The first picture of a fire could become the student’s main focus in the story  and as such may go out of point, as the theme is on Cooking.

Thus, we decided  that a large part of the story should be focused on cooking.

Setting: Home Economics Room, Kitchen at Home and

Describe: Actions associated with cooking: chopping, slicing. 

Some little Masterchefs gave me excellent cooking descriptions in their story! I have chosen this one because of the way the events have been described. Please bear in mind that Planing & Discussion is done in 10 mins and they have 50 minutes to write out their compositions, which is how students who practice home should be doing.