My P6 students have finally realised the importance of doing Past Year papers. I often emphasize the need to know each section of the exam paper well so that they can work on it confidently. While Comprehension Cloze and Comprehension OE rely heavily on the setters’ decision on the level of difficulty for the passages, the other components can be ‘worked on to perfection’.

Being thorough, I usually go through each comprehension passage with my students, asking inferential questions to get them thinking. After the PSLE Listening Comprehension last Friday, one of students, (the first to call me) announced excitedly that one of the passages that we had worked on for Comprehension OE in a past year paper had been used in the exam. While of course, the questions had been re-worked, my students answered the questions confidently as they knew the passage well. I was of course pleased and now can give this as a good example when I hear the groans of “A past year paper AGAIN!” : )