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Editing List CA1 P6 Top School 2016 Papers

Today is the last day of school for most students and I’m sure many are waiting for all the fun during the 6 weeks of break!

I have a few more lessons with my P4s and P5s before they have their well-deserved break from their English tuition. My P6s and I will persevere another week with intensive lessons before our well-deserved break too.

The Top School 2016 papers are out for P6 level and I have compiled the list of words from the Editing Section of the CA1 papers. In 2017, I’ll be handing out the Vocabulary List after each paper is completed, instead of giving them the whole list beforehand. I will post each list on the blog weekly.

In the meantime, here is the list of the editing words.


1) camouflage
2) conspicuous
3) structures
4) invisible
5) interested
6) behaviour

St Nicholas

1) dinosaurs
2) businesses
3) furniture
4) beneath
5) containers
6) erodes

St Hilda’s

1) prosperous
2) campaign
3) flourish
4) initiative
5) iconic
6) legacy

ACS Junior

1) destroyed
2) poisoned
3) seedlings
4) explosions
5) tsunamis
6) fields


1) consuming
2) resistant
3) combustible
4) immersed
5) acquiring
6) definitely

Nan Hua

1) creatures
2) fascinating
3) interesting
4) harmful
5) companies
6) diverse

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