English Vocabulary List Primary 6

As the PSLE approaches, my students and I have been working hard. I am satisfied with the PSLE English oral exam as I had factored in a lot of practice- one-to-one and group, since the start of July.My students reported back that they were comfortable during the exam and felt that they had performed well. Plus we had already covered the topic on ‘Being sick and going to the clinic’ (which appeared in the PSLE oral exam)during one of our practices.

Now we are practising the Listening Comprehension part of the paper.

I have added Vocabulary Lists this year and these lists are easy to create for parents at home. Use the words in the Vocabulary MCQ and Vocabulary Cloze sections found in Booklet A. You may use all the Vocabulary sections of the Past Year papers as words tend to be ‘recycled’ during exams and with any luck during the PSLE paper. Make sure that your child understands the meaning of the words. If time permits, let your child find the meaning of the word in the dictionary and check that it is used correctly when he does the Vocabulary sections of the papers. During the first part os the year, my students were the ones who found the meanings of the words and we shared the meanings during lesson time. However, in the second part of the year, I have been providing them the meanings and then testing them to make sure that they have memorised the words. This is an example below:

P6 Vocabulary List Red Swastika 2009

1) carve – to cut with care or precision

2) engrave – a) to impress deeply

b) to form by incision on wood or metal

3) highly developed – advanced / evolved

4) adjusted – accommodated to suit a particular set of circumstances or requirements

5) accustomed (to get) – adapted to existing conditions

6) deluded by – to mislead the mind or judgement

7) deprived of – not having the things that are needed for a good or healthy life

8) hoard – to collect and hide a large amount of something

9) conceal – to hide

10) crept – moved slowly

11) scent – smell

12) fascinated – captivated

13) emerged – burst (from)

14) alarmed – frightened

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