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As we work on the upcoming CA1 for my P6s, it is a great time to focus on areas that every child needs to work on. An English Paper 2 has many components – Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Cloze, Editing and Synthesis and Transformation. Each student is different, whether they are at a low ‘A’ or an ‘A-star’. Some read widely and do well in Cloze passages and Vocabulary while others have mastered the grammar rules and make no mistakes in those sections.

The CA1 is the only examination this year that focuses on Paper 2. After which all the other examinations are a combination of Oral and Writing and LC. Excellent news for the good writers and talkers out there but every student should take the opportunity to look at their CA1 results or practices that they are doing now, and ask themselves, which area do I need to work on more? Do I need to learn the grammar rules of the same mistakes I usually make? Should I do more S&T practices or do I need to read my Comprehension passage more than once so that I can understand it better and then understand the types of questions asked? (sequencing or inferential or cause and effect?)

I have prepared the Editing List of the SA1 Top School 2016 papers. I have broken the list up into 2 parts (mainly not to overwhelm my own students). Part 1 is below. Good Luck to everyone sitting for the P6 CA1 papers end of Feb!

P6 SA1 Editing List – RGPS

1) intact
2) scientists
3) specimens
4) analyse
5) releases
6) evidence

P6 SA1 Editing List – Henry Park

1) memorizing
2) vacuum
3) context
4) institutions
5) academic
6) zones

P6 SA1 Editing List – Rosyth

1) apparently
2) persistently
3) persevered
4) dumbfounded
5) believed
6) resilience

P6 SA1 Editing List – NYPS

1) gadgets
2) instinctively
3) entirely
4) instance
5) digital
6) illustrations
7) exposure

P6 SA1 Editing List – Nan Hua

1) reminiscing
2) appeal
3) evoke
4) consumption
5) anniversary
6) depicting

P6 SA1 Editing List – Tao Nan

1) paternal
2) intellect
3) enrolled
4) biography
5) interrupted
6) thereafter
7) brilliance

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