P6 English Paper 2 Phrasal Verbs & Commonly misspelled words

The long school holiday is about to begin! While it is important to relax and unwind, PSLE and O level students are beginning to prepare for their major year ahead. Without piles of school homework (and unfortunately, the lure of exploring different countries this December), students can focus on the fundamentals of English such as reviewing punctuation and grammatical rules or reading up on newspaper articles or learning lists of words that can help them in their Paper 2.

I always like to start off the P6 year (which is officially November at Thinking Factory) with a review of Phrasal Verbs and Commonly misspelled words. Students are given these lists to study and be tested on. I find these lists very useful and we return to these lists throughout the year as we work on Paper 2 components such as Editing and Cloze.

Phrasal verbs – Verb + Preposition, can be found in all sections of Paper 2; from Grammar MCQ to Grammar Cloze, to Comprehension Cloze and even Editing. Students who have been reading fiction or non-fiction material on a regular basis, are able to guess the preposition that fit in the verb or able to guess the meaning of the phrasal verb. Others may need to memorise their lists of phrasal verbs and continually add on to their lists if they come across a phrasal verb that they do not know while working on Paper 2 components in their P6 year.

These lists are also easy for parents to compile at home. These lists are also useful for P5 students! For the Phrasal verbs list, it will be good to have a list with 3 columns. The phrasal verb, the meaning of it and an example. Students can even create their own sentences using each phrasal verb.

P6 Phrasal verb list

Phrasal verbs list

The list of commonly misspelled words can be found online. Our list has almost 65 words and words are added on throughout the year if needed. If a student has a weaker grasp of spelling, then the list may be a longer one for her or him. Personally, I think that preparing lists is a great revision tool for students, especially in their important years. Below, are some words found in our Commonly misspelled word list.

P6 Commonly Misspelled Words

Week 1

  1. athlete
  2. athletics
  3. aggressive
  4. authorize
  5. accumulate
  6. ascend
  7. amateur
  8. ageing
  9. acquaintance
  10. conscience
  11. convenient
  12. conscious
  13. unconscious
  14. cigarette

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