P6 English Composition list of preliminary themes 2020

Firstly, congratulations to my students for their excellent Preliminary English scores. Some targets have been surpassed while others have been narrowly missed. And of course, there are also some disappointments. For those who are disappointed, don’t feel disheartened. There is still a month to go and a lot can be achieved in a month!

A positive outlook is essential in the last month before the PSLE. Like every year, this is the most important time to encourage the students and remind them to persevere on.

Whether they did well or missed their targets, September is an important month for revision. As the P6s missed their SA1 this year, their Prelims is their only indication on the areas that they need to improve on. It is important to listen to the teachers’ feedback and correct themselves. Prepare daily but also sleep early and find ways to de-stress.

Below is the list of my students’ Preliminary topics, kindly compiled by the students. Students can prepare at home or with their tutors their planning for the topics. This is what we will be doing again over the next few weeks at Thinking Factory.

It is a good way for students to feel confident should a similar theme come out for PSLE. We worked on the 2017 & 2018 Prelim topics in class before their prelims and this helped them to feel (and be) more prepared before their Prelim English.

Keming Primary School

Theme: A difficult decision

Pictures: money/text messages/ a timer

Pei Chun Public School

Theme: A dream come true

Pictures: Soccer/ Award on stage/ Shaking hands

Jurong Primary School

Theme: An achievement

Pictures: A running track/ a stage/ two people shaking hands

Ai Tong Primary

Theme: A memorable experience

Pictures: A boy with thumbs up saying I did it/ a family photo/ a wheelchair sign


Theme: An achievement

Pictures : a girl playing soccer/ a stage/ two people shaking hands

West Spring Primary

Theme: A proud moment

Pictures: a boy who has fallen down his bicycle and a boy talking to him/ rock climbing / a poster with the words Congratulations You did it

Nanyang Primary

Theme : A plan

Pictures: children in a circle holding hands/ April Fool’s day/ a pen circling 10

Bukit View Primary

Theme: Being grateful

Pictures: a girl and a boy holding a trophy/ a fractured leg/ a boy crying

Raffles Girls Primary

Theme: Being thankful

Pictures: lost and found box with a teddy bear and toy car in it/ a boy about to punch a smaller boy/ a clock with the words The gift of time

Fairfield Methodist Primary

Theme: An encouragement

Pictures: Teacher helping a student/ a boy swimming in a pool/ ?

Henry Park Primary

Theme: A special friendship

Pictures: a group of people taking a Wefie/ a disabled boy and an abled boy/ ?

Canberra Primary

Theme: A friendship

Pictures: A taller boy glaring at a smaller boy/ a birthday party/ a mug with words on it

Nan Hua Primary

Theme: A responsibility

Pictures: a hamster/ a book/ students having a discussion

Pei Hwa PPS

Theme: Making the right decision

Pictures: a boy being bullied/ a fast food menu/ a boy using a phone

Methodist Girls School

Theme : Being patient

Pictures: a watch/ mother and son/ Please wait here sign

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Primary 6 English tuition class schedule

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