psle 2018 english composition list

This week marks the start of the Preliminary examinations. We have been working on writing diligently and regularly all year long. Despite the Circuit Breaker period, we continued on the weekly writing process and thanks to the help of the parents, work was submitted via scanning and email.

My students are now on autopilot mode as I like to call it. We have written on numerous themes and they have become confident writers. The main thing that they need to watch out for is the theme and integrating it in their stories. Also, with the stress of being in an examination setting, it is easy for students to write a plot that isn’t in line with the theme. So, using the first five minutes to plan out a story based on the theme and at least one picture is essential.

Below is a list of questions that my students from 2018 compiled. In class, we have been planning out our ideas for the various themes from our 2018-2019 lists. This is a great revision tool for students just before the Prelim or PSLE.

Wishing all students all the best for their Preliminary exams this week 🙂

1) St Andrews

Theme: A Choice                                      

Pictures: a sheet of OAS/a wallet/two people whispering together


Theme: A Mistake                                   

Pictures: a calendar/no mobile phone sign/someone looking at a computer

3) Pei Chun

Theme: A Difficult Decision                  

Pictures: A plane/a wallet with money/a banner of CCA day

4) ACS Junior

Theme: An Honest Act                           

Pictures: an iphone/a bag/a bicycle       

5) St Anthony’s

Theme: An unexpected situation       

Pictures: MRT breakdown/a letter/a car on a road

6) Hong Wen

Theme: An unexpected Situation      

Pictures: a book with a torn page/envelope with document/a girl looking stressed at work

7) MGS

Theme: Being Supportive                     

Pictures: an examination paper/a girl l sitting down and looking sad/card which says You Can Do It

8) Red Swastika                 

Theme: A Memorable Occasion         

Pictures: Pet Day/summit of a mountain/souvenir magnets

9) Henry Park

Theme: Someone you look up to       

Pictures: A mother/an athlete with medals/a doctor

10) RGPS

Theme: Doing Something Impossible                           

Pictures: a stage/a trophy/someone with a broken leg

11) Pei Hwa

Theme: A Memorable Celebration                  

Pictures: PSLE slip/stage with a microphone/birthday cake

12) CHIJ Katong

Theme: Being Supportive                                    

Pictures: Good Luck card/a cheerleader/an anxious girl with many books in front of her

13) STSS

Theme: A disappointment                                  

Pictures: A plane/a car with a family in it/’F’ on a test paper

14) CHIJ Toa Payoh

Theme: A memorable incident                         

Pictures: someone swimming/a person with a dog/an ambulance

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