P6 2019 SA1 Composition Themes

As we approach the end of the June school holidays, our P6s will begin on their next leg of the ‘race’ to the PSLE.

To prepare them for the writing component, I compiled a list of my students’ SA1 composition themes and we have been discussing and writing them out in class. I choose the best models and print them out for my students so that they have some models to read through before the preliminary examinations.

If you are wondering what themes you can use with your child at home, I hope that this list will be helpful 🙂

(1) ACS Junior

An Incident

a first aid kit/ a cut on a foot/ boy falling down

(2) SCGS/Lakeside Primary/ Meridian Primary

An Unexpected Friendship

a bus-stop/ a sign that says ‘Caution Wet Floor/ a puppy

(3) NYPS

A Changed Behaviour

playground/  bully/ a gameboy (device)

(4) Nan Hua Primary

Being Careless

Keys/ fire/

5) Pei Chun Primary

An Unexpected Friendship

A dog/ grandmother/ a bus-stop

6) Bukit Timah Primary

Making the Right Decision

A phone/ cheating in an examination / a Macdonalds meal

7) Methodist Girls School

Being Honest

A broken television/ ‘I’m sorry’ note/ OAS

8) Fairfield Methodist Primary

A Success

An umbrella/ a waterfall / a car

9) Alexandria Primary

Showing Appreciation

Giving a card to a teacher/ a map/ a parent

10) Pei Hwa PP

An Encouraging Act

A medal/ a girl with a broken arm/ a boy holding a letter

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