Advice on English SA1 Results P4-P5 and PSLE year

Hi everyone. By now the SA1 results are in and parents are either rejoicing or worrying. This is a good time to assess the level of your child and how he/she is performing in each component. Most schools will give the breakdown of marks in each area or they may give the Band that he is in so that you can estimate the level he is at. Take the time to record down the marks in each area so that you can compare with the SA2 results.

This is essential especially for Primary 5 students as they will be sitting for their PSLE the following year.If you feel that your child isn’t up to the level he is capable of, its time to take some action. Help him in the areas that he needs, be it in Paper1 or Paper 2. I have had students make a turn around from 69% for P5 SA1 to an A* in P6 CA1. By starting early, you will ensure that he is able to work on the areas he needs minus the stress of the PSLE year.

A good idea of how your child should be doing would be a Band 1 in English for P4- 85 and above,
an A for P5 – at least a 75 and above and 80 and above for P6. (I am basing these marks on the strictness of marking and the level of difficulty of the papers set by the ‘top’ schools.)

This is the first year that most of my P6 students have scored a solid 80+ marks with a few A*. It could be that this batch of P6 students have been with me from Primary 5 or Primary 4. Its the first year that I actually feel relieved after the P6 SA1 results! hahaha!

Of course there is still work to be done! While all students should use their June holidays to rest, this is also a good time to brush up on the areas that need work. I know that all the PSLE students are doing the last stretch of intensive revisions before the mad rush for the PSLE Oral, Prelims and PSLE begins at the end of the school holidays, Primary 5 students should also take the time to start work in preparing for their PSLE year. It may seem early but as I have always said, the earlier you start to prepare, the less stressed you feel when you are reaching the end.

Good Luck and Have a Good Holiday!


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