Last minute tips for PSLE oral

Hi everyone. Just some last minute tips for the PSLE oral on the 15th.

For pupils who find it a little challenging, remember to divide your Picture mentally in the Picture Discussion component into Introduction, Points and Conclusion. 

Please practice this at home during the next few days.

Follow the rule of 1) Description 2) Opinion 3) Prediction thinking of what to say for each point.

For those who are strong in the oral component do not forget to add on :

1) Adverbs

2) Discuss any social issues the picture may be about (e.g. Old Folks Home, Giving up your seat on the bus etc.)

This is one of the many examples that I have worked on with my students. The picture is taken from the PSLE booket in the Specimen Paper section under Picture Discussion. I will continue to add on more Picture Discussion and Conversation in the next few days.


This picture depicts a scene of a lively Talent Night. It is being held at the Rainbow Community Club. I think this is the night for everyone to show off their respective talents, whether it is singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument. (description & personal opinion)

The hall in the Community Club is decorated with balloons and banners. The hall is also filled with chairs for the audience to sit and watch the performances lined up. I think the decorations enhance the mood of the Talent Night. (description & personal opinion)

Point 1

There is a group performing right now on stage. They are dressed in checkered pants, shirts and boots. The boys are wearing berets and blowing their trumpets while the girls are carrying pom poms and dancing around. They seem to be having a good time performing. (description & personal opinion)

However, one of the performers has accidentally dropped his trumpet. It will probably make a loud sound as it hits the stage. The performer looks shocked. This will distract his other group members and they may forget their dance steps. I think that the performer will either stop performing because he is embarrassed or pick up the trumpet and continue as if nothing has happened. (description, opinion & prediction).

Point 2

The audience has seen what has happened on stage. A man in a striped shirt is standing up. His arm is outstretched and he looks concerned. I think that he is the father of the performer who has dropped his trumpet. He is probably telling his son not to worry and encouraging him to pick up his trumpet and continue with the performance. I think that is the right thing to do. (description, opinion & prediction)

Point 3

Everyone in the audience seems surprised at what has happened on stage. Some of the people in audience have their mouths opened in disbelief.  One of the children seated in the front is pointing his finger to the stage and telling something to the girl sitting beside him. I do not think he should be doing that as it may distract the performers and cause them to become embarrassed and lose confidence. We should encourage performers when they are on stage as it can be nerve-wrecking to perform in front of many people. (description & opinion


All in all/In conclusion, performing on stage can be exciting as well as frightening. We should always practice hard before a performance but at the same time, be prepared for the unexpected.

Would you like to take part in a school concert? (Why or Why not?)

General : Yes, I would like to take part in a school concert. I think that performing on stage can build my confidence and it is always fun to be part of a group performance. I like to see the smiles of my friends and teachers when I am on stage and listen to the sound of the applause.

Personal Experience : Last year I danced/sang/acted/played (a musical instrument) in a concert. It was at (school/concert hall) and was part of the (Teacher’s Day celebrations/school competition). It took place in (which month).

My classmates and I practised for weeks because we wanted everything to be perfect. It was hard work but it paid off. I was very nervous before the performance and was worried that I would forget my lines/steps/music piece but everything turned out great in the end! I was elated to hear the applause at the end of the performance.


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