english composition how to follow the theme

In my previous post I talked about how easy it is for students to go out of point with the new format compositions.

Now I will discuss how to avoid this issue.

1) Read the question and study the pictures carefully.

For the P3/4 make sure that you read the helping words in the box provided as well.

2) Plan

Take the time to plan before writing even if its 5 minutes to quickly use the pictures and theme.

For P3/P4 students, use at least 2 or 3 pictures if possible to make sure that you do not go out of point along with some phrases/words from the Helping Words box.

For P5/6 students use at least 2 pictures. My older students prefer using just 1 picture and while it may give them more freedom in developing a story that is outside the box, the possibility to go out of point is high (adding in the stress factor on the day of the PSLE).

This term I have been strict on planning and the use of minimum of 2 pictures. This motivates them to find different writing techniques(character development/descriptive writing etc) that can set them apart from the rest of the class.

There are many different ways to plan. In my class, we use a simple version of:

A flashback/Descriptive setting/Dialogue



bringing back the theme at the end

3) Never lose sight of the theme

It is easy to manipulate the pictures to the student’s idea of how the story should flow but it is easy to lose sight of the theme given. e.g. act of kindness given in my previous blog post. Ending by bringing back the theme can be a good way to alert the student to double check if the story written is on the right path

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