P6 SA1 Results - What to do next?

The examinations are over and results are beginning to stream in. How did your child do? Some parents are beaming with pride while others are becoming anxious. I can understand it. I feel it myself as a teacher. Some students have improved largely scoring well above 30 for composition when for CA1 (some schools do have Paper 1 for CA1) the score was 25. Oral is another good component. 27-29/30 for the results so far. Then there are also a few who are under the expectation they have set.

What to do in such a situation? Firstly, there is still time. Believe me, with determination and hard work, a lot can change in 4 and a half months. I usually have a chat with the parent either via text message or face-to-face to see why there may be an issue and where we need to work on. Then we will discuss the areas she or he needs to practise more at home. Then it is a chat with the child when the results for all the components come out and we need to discuss on how to improve for Preliminary examinations. 

For a number of years now I have taken in a few new P6 students in June and worked with these students up to the PSLE and there have always been improvement, from Bs to As and even A’s to A-star, so fret not, there is still a good chance that your child will get the grade he or she has set.

Having said all this, the only person who can make that improvement is the student himself. If there is no drive to improve, then both parent and teacher can only do so much. As I always tell my students, I am here to give you all the tools and show you how to use them, now it’s up to you to apply them. So far, most of them have!

Next week, we begin our month and a half of intense work. Every year, this period of time to ‘push’ my students to the next level.

Examinations are over, less homework from school, holiday period = more sleep = more focus. I can start drilling them in areas such as grammar and situational writing. I can give them homework (which I try to avoid throughout the year).

I can focus solely on Paper 2 during the regular lessons in June and then work with them on Oral & Writing for 6h over 2 days. I do all this now because from experience, I know that P6 students get overwhelmed with school homework and other tuition homework from July. It is better to revise through practice for the next three months. I wish everyone good results for their SA1.

Congratulations to those who have met the expectations set and don’t be disheartened for those who have not. Use your time well from now till the PSLE.

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