Practical Advice for PSLE

Good morning! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying the school holidays! While it is great for the children to put their feet up and relax- usually meaning grabbing the ipad, tablet, computer or phone- I remind my students this is a great time to read more.

Take their time at the library or bookstore to browse through different genres of books that they would usually never touch. Girls who tend to stick to books such as The Dork Diaries or Tia Stilton should try reading The Percy Jackson series for example. Don’t forget the timeless classics out there such as The Tale of Despereaux or Black Beauty.

Those sitting for the PSLE should use their time well to work on their weaknesses. This is the same advice I give to all my PSLE students. Time is incredibly short and it really seems like the PSLE dates are becoming earlier every year!

1) Plan out your goals

Be it English, Math, Science or Mother Tongue language, sit down and plan out your goals for the PSLE year. What would you like to achieve in each exam- CA1, SA1, Prelims and of course the PSLE? In my experience setting realistic goals is ideal in motivating a student. In all my P6 classes, students are encouraged to total Booklet A and Booklet B practice papers. They each have their own goals on how much they want to score for each section. As we go through the answers in each section, students take note of how much they score for Grammar, Vocabulary Comprehension etc. They can share their marks with the class or they don’t need to as I am able to see that when I collect the papers to go through.

2) Get practice books

Get practice books that can be done at home and are easy for parents to mark. Examples are Grammar MCQ books. We are currently using the P6 Teacher’s @ Work Grammar MCQ book. Longman has good ones too. If you are unsure of the grammar rule, read up online or ask your tuition teacher or even school teacher to explain it to you. Sometimes school teachers are so bogged down with their own work and handling a large number of students, they don’t know which grammar rules each child individually understands (from personal experience). Be proactive and ask. I have no doubt he or she will be more than happy to explain it to you. Then learn the rule and don’t make the same mistake again!

3) Do the hard stuff NOW, not later.

If you know that you are weak in a certain area, work on it every chance you get now. Don’t wait till the holidays are over and when school starts. I cannot emphasize enough on how quickly the PSLE year will fly. You will be inundated with extra school work, remedial or supplementary classes, tuition work and CCAs. Fatigue will take over you and when overwhelmed the feeling of giving up can be consuming. The period of July to mid-October should purely be for revision and practice.

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