It was a very happy week for me when my students and their parents announced their PSLE results! All of them got ‘As’ for their English paper!! The highest had 25o. All of them made it to the Express stream.

It was an achievement for them and myself as none was able to get an ‘A’ grade when they started with me 6 months before the PSLE. My friends are beginning to call me “Kiasu Tuition Teacher” but hey, getting an ‘A’ grade is most definitely achievable with proper practice and of course, hard work!

Every single child from P4-P6 had made improvements; some quite significantly. I have asked some parents to write testimonials for me and will scan and put them up on the blog (wishing myself luck as I am IT challenged : ( )
To celebrate their achievements, I organised a Christmas party and we all had a good time. As one student put it “Wah.. no composition today for a change!”

However, I also went through some stress a few weeks back when I had to inform the parents that I was moving out of my current home at Bartley Road to the Bukit Timah area. It was a hard decision to make but the traveling time for my own children to their school was too long.

I scouted around for empty classrooms around the serangoon and hougang area and found one at Blk 203 Hougang Street 21. The classroom is nice and clean.Though I will earn less as I have to pay rent, I could not leave the children in a lurch and for the parents to search for a new teacher.

I was right in doing so as the parents’ first reaction when I told them was “NO!!!” and then became happy again when I told them about the classroom.
However, I did have a lot of sleepless nights over this and when I finally worked out the scheduling I felt much better.

But it will be with great sadness when I let my Secondary 1 2011 children go at the end of Dec. I am unable to accomodate them in my next year’s scheduling as I’ll only travel to Hougang once a week for 4 hours. I only have time for my P5 and P6.My hope is that they will find good tutors who will be serious in their teaching and be punctual and consistent in their jobs. (I have heard some ‘horror stories’ from their parents.)

For those who are interested, I still have 1 slot left for both the P5 and P6 classes after which they will be closed. To meet new costs, I have to have 5 students instead of 4.

However, I will be opening up a new P5 and P6 class at my home in the Bukit Timah area. Please feel free to email me for more details.


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