ENGLISH psle oral tips


  • Be expressive when reading
  • Narration and dialogue: show the difference between narration of text and dialogue in the text. Be even more expressive in dialogue
  • Clear pronunciation of words ending with ‘d’ or ‘t’ and beginning with ‘th’.
  • Be confident even if you stumble over a word and not sure of one. 

Picture Discussion

1) Introduction

  • Describe the picture in general- people, surroundings, messy, neat
  • Give your opinion-  “It is probably be the weekend as there are throngs of people in the shopping mall”

2) Focal points

Describe ——- Opinion————-Predict

Opinion: In my opinion, I think, I believe
Prediction: Maybe, Perhaps, Could possibly be

3) Link your focal points

Use words and phrases to link one point to another for smoother flow.

He is oblivious to the fact that
What he is doing is right unlike
The lady in the striped dress should follow the same example

4) Conclude

Using the theme of the picture and reading e.g. helping others, visiting a library, reading

*Do NOT use the Past Tense. Use 1) Present 2) Present Continuous 3) Present Perfect


Two types of questions asked:

A) Recount

  • Tell us about the time you../ Have you ever been..
  • Give detailed information. Describe..When did it happen? Who was involved? What did you do?
  • Give personal opinions. “I think that we should try to…”
  • Add in humour
  • Use complex vocabulary and sentences

B) Expressing personal opinion/personal preferences

  • What is/ Do you/How do you
  • Answer with a yes or no or my ..
  • Describe in detail how you..or what it is…
  • Give examples or recounts
  • Add humour

Every school has different ways of teaching Oral.
Your child may have his or her own strategy.
The above are just reminders.

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