My students’ results are out for the SA2. This year, for the first time in the past few years, I have branched out from just teaching P5 & P6 to teaching P3 and P4. This was because these children were siblings of my older students. I have to say, I’ve come to realise that there is great satisfaction is teaching younger children the proper grammar rules, writing and comprehension skills and watching them blossom and continue on with these good habits. When taught from young, children learn to build up these skills gradually, as school work becomes increasingly challenging. They are less resistant to changes unlike older students (coming to me at the start of the P6 year).

An example is a brother ( P6) and his sister (P3). Both joined me at the start of the year. The boy acheived about 68 marks for his P5 SA2 and there was a lot of work to be done before the PSLE. He found it difficult to re-learn grammar rules and repeatedly made the same mistakes. He stuck to the same style of writing and was resistant to planning. It took me 6 months but after he scored a good ‘A’ for SA1 he became more confident. He worked hard till his PSLE and I have no doubt that he will do well.

His sister on the other hand offered no resistance at all right from the start. At her age she was eager to learn and absorbed like a sponge. She learnt the proper grammatical rules and the correct way to plan and write out her ideas creatively. She excelled in her exams and after one year of being with me, I have put her in the P5 group (2013) instead of a P4 group as I know that she will benefit from it.

All my students did well this year and I am very proud of them. Every one of them has improved and all received the highest grouped marks for the Oral component. Composition marks are not revealed but total marks reflect that they did well.

I am now happy to teach my young group of students (P3). They work slower and are more easily distracted (and are also extremely adorable and funny) but they absorb, accept and cultivate good learning habits when they start from young. A real joy to teach!


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