SA2 Results & Updates

The SA2 English results are out and so far I have been pretty pleased with my students. Some have maintained, others improved significantly. The new P5 students who joined me mid-year have improved the most, with an increase of 10 to 26 marks in comparison to their SA1.

I have taken noted of their oral and writing marks, these two are the big changes for PSLE 2015. I have been a little concerned all year, making sure that I am working on the correct path as they are the first batch doing the new English format for PSLE and I have been pleased as punch 🙂 Most are in the range of 24-27 out of 30 so I only have to get in as much practice as possible with them before the PSLE Oral.

I have updated the classes that still have places for 2015. Currently only two P6 classes have limited available places. I will have my hands full in 2015 with my P6s so I won’t be opening any news classes.


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