PSLE Oral 2019 & Stimulus-based conversation- Acts of kindness

It was a good year for PSLE oral at Thinking Factory! I was super pleased to get messages from my students’ parents and students themselves on their thoughts after the oral examination. Everyone was confident for both days.

‘Reading’ seemed like a topic that would never come out but at the start of our year, we had broached that subject, in a one off question form – Do you like to read? We had discussed appropriate vocabulary to use for this topic. Plus, reading is a very popular answer among my students for questions such as What do you do when your free? What is your hobby?

For Day 2’s topic, we had practised twice on analyzing a poster and its effectiveness in sending its message across and how to improve on it.

In fact, I do this every year for the oral component. Some years our topics may not come out for PSLE but some years, like this year, we get lucky..twice!

While luck does play a very very small percentage in the scores, I believe that being confident to speak about any topic to anyone at anytime, is what we should aim for. No one can predict the topics or themes for any major examination, so the best for every student is to prepare by practice. Which is why we cover about 25 oral themes per PSLE year at our centre and why we begin our PSLE year in October instead of January.

This is to avoid rushing through the already hectic year for each Primary 6 student. As the PSLE examination dates have moved up to the last week of September, I feel a year of preparation is essential.

While my current Primary 6s are done with their oral component and on with their prelims, my P3s to P5s have started their oral training more intensely.

Below is one topic that we have/will do in the next week. I have been focusing on my P5s giving more opinions without being prompted and being more detailed in their responses.

I would like to end off this post by congratulating all my students (and other students out there) who have received their DSA acceptances 🙂

For those who were not accepted, its ok to feel disappointed. But then, chin up and believe that that school may not be the school you need. Something better will out there for you 🙂

Have you ever shown kindness by doing any of the following in the picture?

Yes, I have. I have helped my teacher to carry workbooks to the staff room. My teacher has made a duty roster for the class so that everyone has a chance to carry out a duty. For examples, we need to tidy the classroom, carry the books to the staffroom and lead the class to recess and back. My favourite duty is carrying the books. My teacher will walk with me and we can have a chat. My teacher is very strict but when we are walking together, she will make jokes and we will even laugh together.

I am happy to help my teacher because she always says thank you when I put the books down on her desk. Once, the person on duty was absent for three days and I volunteered to carry the books on top of my other duty. My teacher praised me and said that I was a kind person.

In my opinion these acts of kindness in the poster can really brighten someone’s day and maybe encourage them to be kind to others as well

Will you take part in the drawing contest?

I am not very good at drawing but I will still try my luck. Who knows? I may just win something. I think that I may draw a picture of me and my teacher to show the theme of kindness. The prizes are attractive. I would love to win art supplies as art supplies are expensive. I may also get a trophy and I have never won a trophy before. So, yes I will take part in this contest.

Tell me about a time someone was kind to you

Last year I became very sick. I had a fever for 5 days and I couldn’t go to school. My best friend collected all my homework and when my fever stopped she came over and went through with me all my homework and what I had missed. She spent hours teaching me and she even made me a Get Well card and bought me a teddy bear with her own money. I was very touched by her kindness and I hope that one day I can pay back the kindness to her too.

In my opinion, we should always be kind to others, even strangers we meet who may need some help. My mom always reminds me to help others in school if I see them in need and I believe that she is right. I believe that being kind to others is also being kind to yourself as I feel really proud of myself when I do some good!


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