List of PSLE Oral Themes by Thinking Factory

This year my P6 classes compiled their SA1 oral themes. but we realised that many of the themes tested had already been tested in class.

Overall, 25 topics and themes were tested in class, mostly individually or in a group. This year, I checked every student’s folder to make sure that everyone had every piece for Preliminary and PSLE oral revision.

Below is the list of themes we worked on in class and during our intensives lessons for the 2019 year (October 2018 – July 2019). Wishing everyone all the best for their preliminary oral!

List of Oral Themes done at Thinking Factory

1) Crime – Closed Circuit Cameras TV

2) Crime – Shoplifting

3)  Occupation – Policeman

4) Occupation – Assembly Talk

5) Singapore – Parks

6) Singapore – Nation Book Fair

7) Travel – Farmstay

8) Health – Fish Essence

9) Health – Vitamins

10) Interest – Musical

11) Interest – Hip hop Dance

12) Interest – Ballet

13) Interest – Birthday Party Package

14) Charity – Skydiving

15) Charity – Volunteer work

16) Mental Health – Online Golden Rules

17) Mental Health – Difficulties in Life

18) PSLE 2018 – Secondary School

19) PSLE 2018 – Speech Day

20) Family – Spa Treatment

21) Recycling – Clothes Donation Drive

22) Water Conservation – Ways to conserve water

23-25) Revision of Past PSLE Oral themes

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