P6 2018 SA1 Oral Themes

Hello! I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday break. Over here, I’m busy, busy.. with Writing & Oral workshops and Intensive lessons for my P6s. However, I did make time to compile a list of some of the themes that my P6s faced during their SA1 oral. Hope it comes in handy!

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – MGS / Hong Wen

Picture: Poster of a Hip Hop Dance Class. Available for all age groups

1) Would you attend this event?
2) Do you think that this poster would attract people?
3) What is your CCA ?

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – MGS Day 2

Picture: Poster on being a Green Ambassador – thinking of ideas to recycle in school/taking part in school recycling activities/encouraging others to recycle

1) Would you want to be a Green Ambassador? Why or why not?
2)Do you think that being a Green Ambassador is a difficult task?
3) What types of school activities have you taken part in? Tell me about one

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – St Andrews

Picture: Poster on Eye Care – 30 mins work, 5 mins rest/ exercise regularly

1) Would you follow the advice given?
2) Do you exercise regularly?
3) What is your hobby?

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – Pei Chun

Poster: Recycling

1) Would you recycle in school?
2) Do you recycle at home?
3) How can these recycling activities help the school?

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – NYPS

Picture: Poster on Recycling old spectacles and old shoes

1) Would you participate in this event?
2) How can you save the environment?
3) Tell me about global warming

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – Henry Park

Picture: Poster about Being Considerate

1) Tell me about a time you were considerate to someone.
2) How can your school raise awareness about being considerate in school?

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – ACS Junior

Picture: Teachers Day and Children’s Day activities

1) What did you do for either Teacher’s Day or Children’s Day?
2) Tell me about another festival that your school celebrated.

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – CHIJ

Picture: Children’s Day Carnival

1) Would you be interested in joining this event?
2) What other events does your school celebrate?
3) If you can run any event any way you like, how would you run it?

P6 2018 SA1 Oral Theme – Red Swastika

Picture: Cleaning Robot to do household chores

1) Would you buy this robot?
2) What housework do you do at home?
3) Should children do housework?

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