P6 Oral Past PSLE Conversation Questions

Past PSLE Conversation Questions for Primary 6 students

Here is a list of Past PSLE Conversation questions:


1) Have you ever helped anyone in need? Tell me more about it
2) Tell us about the time you did something special for someone
3) Tell me about a time when someone helped you


1) What do you do during your free time?
2) Do you enjoy reading? What kind of books do you read?
3) Tell us about a time when you felt happy?
4) What is your favourite public transportation
5) Which country do you wish to go to?


1) How do you keep fit/maintain a healthy lifestyle? Is sleep important to you?
2) Tell us about a visit you made to a clinic
3) What is your favourite food? Is it good for your health?


1) Do you help out at home?
2) Do you keep any pets? Why? Or why not?


1) Tell us about a visit you made to a zoo or any other park.
2) Tell us about an interesting place you have visited
3) Tell us about a school activity you have taken part in
4) What do you think pupils can learn from taking part in school activities?

Please bear in mind that questions for the Prelims may be more difficult, depending on the school your child comes from. Also, examiner may branch out from the question as the conversation flows. For example, on the topic of Community, examiner may ask Do you think that Singapore is a caring society?

I like to work on such questions with my students. It is a good opportunity for them to display their knowledge of current events and give their personal opinion.

I will post the answers to some of these questions after the SA1.

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