Stimulus-based conversation model on healthy eating for P6 students

We have started working on the Oral component this month. Most of the students who have been with me since last year, know exactly what they are expected to do during Oral testing.

So how can we further improve? Aside from exploring as many topics as possible, we look at each topic in more depth. One of the topics we worked on before the Chinese New Year break was on the theme of Types of Food and Healthy Eating. I gave them a picture of a burger and fries.

The three questions I asked them were :

1) What is your favourite type of food?
2) Do you think eating healthily is important and why?
3) What other ways do you keep fit?

1) In the first question, I expected my students to:

  • Discuss the different types of food- Fast food, food found in hawker centres, home cooked food-
  • Select one type that they like.
  • Talk about why they like this type of food – “nothing beats my mum’s cooking”, “the juicy beef patty on the sesame bun, along with the crispy fries is just too delicious!”

2) In the second question, I expected my students to:

  • Discuss the importance of healthy eating. Here I graded according to how they used specific, complex vocabulary.
  • E.g. Fast food is usually deep fried and contain trans fat. It can lead to obesity and other diseases such as heart problems and diabetes later in life.

On top of that I graded them on other personal examples and opinions such as talking about how being obese in school can lead to other students ostracizing them or having problems coping with National Service.

Also, talking about the importance of eating home cooked meals
– the quality of ingredients in every meal. Talk about organic produce found in supermarkets, brown rice instead of white rice versus meat found in chicken nuggets
– a balanced meal of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and minerals

3) In the last question, I expected them to talk mainly about types of exercises they did as well as sleeping hours.

  • Recounting their personal lives in a clear and organised way was important.

Below is an example of how the questions were answered.

1) What is your favourite type of food ?

My favourite type of food is fast food. Even though I know that it is unhealthy, I love cheeseburgers and French fries! The juicy beef patty and crispy fries is just so delicious! Every time a new burger place is opened, I will want to try what is on the menu. Aside from burgers, I am also a fan of deep fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

My mother disapproves of me eating fast food on a regular basis and I know that she is right. So I eat it in moderation…usually just a once a month as treat. On most days, I will eat home cooked food. My mother is an amazing cook and she loves being in the kitchen. She works from Monday to Friday but is still able to whip up quick and yummy meals every evening.

2) Do you think eating healthily is important and why?

I think that eating healthily is very important even when we are young. If we don’t start with good eating habits now, we may find it more difficult to choose our food wisely when we grow older. Eating too much sugary foods can cause us to become obese. Fast food and food found in hawker centres are usually deep fried and contain trans fat which can clog our arteries. We are also not aware of what goes into the food at fast food restaurants. For example, people have done experiments on burgers from McDonalds showing that they do no decompose like other food.

If we are obese, we may not be able to keep up with sports and can be the subject of jokes in school. My father also reminds me that I need to be fit to cope with life in National Service later on.

Eating unhealthily can also lead to diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes.

My mother says that cooking at home is the best. We are able to choose our ingredients and food that makes a balanced meal. My mom always buys organic vegetables whenever she can. They are now widely available in all supermarkets and even wet markets. We eat more fish than meat as mom says it is better to steam than fry. So yes, everyone in my family also believes that eating healthily is important.

3) What other ways do you keep fit?

We can have adequate sleep and lead an active lifestyle. As both my parents work and I am really busy this year in school, I can’t exercise everyday like I used to. However, every weekend we go to the park in the late afternoon. We do rollerblading, skateboarding or play soccer there. Mom usually takes that time to jog around the park. I also plan to join rock climbing and dance class after my PSLE!
We must also sleep early instead of spending time watching television or playing computer games. If we don’t have enough sleep, our body won’t be able to fight germs and viruses. Especially when we are feeling stressed!

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