p6 english oral model theme park

PSLE Oral model
Theme: A scene of a Park

Insert a picture of a scene in a park

Take note of the tenses used in Picture Discussion.
DO NOT use the Past Tense.
Only Present/ Present Continuous/ and Present Perfect are to be used.


This picture depicts a scene of a park. The park looks serene with many trees and greenery around it.  I think it is probably a weekend as there are many people at the park doing leisure activities such as cycling and having a picnic. (description & opinion)

Point 1

A family is sitting on a mat under a shady tree. There is food and drinks on the mat near them. They are having a leisurely picnic and chatting joyfully with one another.  I think that it is good to spend time with our family during the weekends to strengthen our family bond. This family seems to be bonding well. However they are oblivious to what is happening in the middle of the bicycle track. (description & opnion)

Point 2

A toddler is sitting in the middle of the cycling track. I think that his parents, who are having a picnic do not know that he has moved from the bench to the track. He is playing with his building blocks happily. His arms are outstretched and he is laughing out loud. He is unaware of the danger he is in. Two cyclists have just swerved and missed hitting the toddler with their bicycles. They look shocked and annoyed. If I were them, I would stop and ask the toddler to move out of the way as he may get injured. (description & opinion)

Point 3

Another cyclist is speeding down the track. He has his headphones on and his eyes are closed, enjoying his music. He should not be speeding down a bicycle track in a park as it can be dangerous. I think he will not stop in time as he does not see the toddler. He may collide into him and both of them may get injured. I hope that the toddler’s parents will realize what is about to happen and react quickly. (description, opinion & prediction).


A park is a great place for fun outdoor activities. Families can exercise and have a picnic together. This promotes family bonding. However, young children should be mindful of their surroundings as accidents can take place anywhere and at anytime.

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